Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Custom Canterwood Crest Academy Class of 2014 tees

Stealing this from Jess's blog, heehee . . .

I am taking a VEEEERY limited amount of custom Canterwoood Crest Academy Class of 2014 tees!

If you look on the store and don't see colors you'd like, you can e-mail me your request and I will do my best to make the shirt for you.

Here's what you need to do:

Look at the left color palate. Those are the ONLY colors I can use for text and the horse. You can choose a color for the text and the horses. They do not have to be the same.

So, say you want a ORANGE text, you'd email me something like "for text, row 5 second color." 

Then for the horse, how about yellow? "for horse, row 4 sixth color." 

As for shirt color, those are on the RIGHT.

You'd write me, "Shirt color row 2 second color." 

That way, instead of you emailing me and saying "white shirt, pink text, blue horse" there's no confusion about what pink or what blue you want."

Please email these to me at teamcanterwood AT gmail DOT com with "T-shirt request" in the headlines. 

The graphic has TWO options:



Please specify either option 1 or 2. 

Those are the ONLY graphic options. :)

Can't wait to make some shirts for Team Canterwood!

PS: I cannot add text graphics to the back. I can only do what I have explained here. :)

PPS: You don't need to send me sizes or anything. I will create the shirt and upload it to the store where you can then purchase it. :)

Thursday, October 31, 2013

It's my birthday!

Posting pics on my Instagram! Mobile blogging this to say thank you for all of the bday wishes! MWAH!



Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My birthday is next week!

Khlo has been hiding my boxes of green and white tea lately, lol. She claims I am "extra hyper super crazy caffeinated"-a high only brought on when somone's birthday is so close. 

Like next Thursday close! Eeep!

I asked my parents for a new winter turnout blanket for Whisper. (the one above) It's a mid weight blanket from Dover. J'adore the light blue stripes! 

I asked Becca for this Zocks helmet cover. It. Is. So. Cute. 

Mr. Conner gave us the okay to wear any design covers we want for practice at school. It's so fun not to be stuck with a black or white helmet. Do any of you guys have fun helmet covers? 

Khloe, Clare, Lexa, Carina, Cole, Drew, Zack and I are meeting up tomorrow at The Sweet Shoppe to spill our Halloween costumes! I can't wait to hear what every else is going to be. Instead of 'fessing to each other, my friends and I are even keeping our costumes a secret until tomorrow. 

Something new this year--Headmistress Drake is allowing us to attend Thursday classes in costume! 

What are you guys going as? Anyone trick or treating or going to a Halloween party? 



Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Party, party, party!

I'm reposting this from Jess' blog! :)

So, I want to have amazing online Home for Christmas/goodbye to Canterwood Crest parties.

For everyone (international too!)

First, we party via LiveStream like we did for the Famous release. You create a free account, get online at a set time and you'll have access to a chat box and to me via Webcam. You'll be able to type questions/comments to me that everyone can see. I'll answer them via my Webcam. I'll be online for one hour and you can pop in whenever you like to lurk or ask a question.

Everyone and anyone in the world can participate. LiveStream will allow as many people who want to join in. It's anonymous because you can use a screen name. You get to "see" me via Webcam.

If you can't make it to the actual live event, it will be recorded for you to view later. 


Party #2 is one that I've never done and is the ULTIMATE VIP party! I mean, Home for Christmas is a super special, so we need a super special party, right?

We will use Google+ Hangout. This is also totally free (you do have to sign up for a Google+ account to video chat). NINE winners (I will have a contest soon!) will join me live online where we will all (me plus the other chosen 9 members of Team Canterwood) can video chat with each other. OMG! Team Canterwood members from across the country will get to meet! That is soooo awesome!

If you don't win the contest, you can still watch the party--you just will not be able to message me or the other Team Canterwood members who are on video chat.

This contest is only be open to US and Canada residents because other countries will be charged to video chat. However, if you are just watching the party--you can live anywhere. 

You can view the party from your iPhone, iPad or other smartphone if you can't be on a computer.

If you are one of the 9 people who get to video party, you're more than welcome to grab any friends that want to attend and share your Webcam with them. :)

If you're not able to make it to the party, it will be recorded and will go up on YouTube for you to watch at any time.

Below, is a random Google video chat that I just started watching a few minutes ago (no Google+ account needed to watch). I took a screen shot so you can see how it would look for all of us via video chat. Isn't it cool?!

So . . . if being part of the video chat party interests you, please do some reading about how it works, what you need to do to participate, etc.

The poll for the two party dates will close on October 30. Then, the dates will be announced. I will blog or vlog very soon about how you can participate in a contest to be on the video chat.

Soo excited! What do you guys think? 

Halloween is almost here!!

Hi, everyone!

Sooo sorry that I've been MIA. I fell off Whisper a few weeks ago during jumping practice and hurt my right arm. Nothing serious but my doctor wants me to stay off the computer until 11/1 because typing strains the tendon that I injured.

Boo. I know.

But I sneaked online just because I miss you guys SO MUCH and had to say hi!

Plus, oh mon Dieu, it's almost Halloween! That means . . . my birthday!

I haven't started party planning yet, but I know Khloe, Lex, Carina, and Clare having been having "secret" (haha--I know you guys!) meetings about my birthday. :D

I have no idea what I want to ask for either. Suggestions?

Okay, better get off before KK catches me. She has been the Computer Police. Um, seriously. She got so into character that she made herself a BADGE. Yes. LOLOL. I love my Khloe!

Tell me how you're doing!



Monday, September 16, 2013

Home for Christmas contest (it's K writing for J) :)

Hi! It's Kate writing for Jess. :) She asked me to do a quick blog post for Team Canterwood.

 The models posing at the photoshoot 

 Alexis and Dayton!

Jess says to tell you all that she's super excited about HOME FOR CHRISTMAS which releases on November 12, 2013. Today, she's launching a contest!

* If the pre-orders and first week sales of HOME FOR CHRISTMAS are better than any other book in the Canterwood Crest series, Jess will gift you all with a holiday treat in early 2014 . . .

a Canterwood Crest e-novella picking up EXACTLY where UNFRIENDLY COMPETITION left off will be written and published online! It will be a Sasha featured, lip gloss packed, drama, and horses filled e-novella that will be able to download for $.99. Jess would set the price at zero, but Amazon doesn't allow authors to self-publish free books anymore.

So, if you want a special, never before read e-novella, start spreading the word about HOME FOR CHRISTMAS! :) The contest starts NOW and ends on November 19th! Let's GO, Team Canterwood!

Ways you can help sales (both e-book and paperback count):

Ask your local bookstores to order Home for Christmas

Post reviews of HFC on Websites such as,, and other bookseller sites.

Review HFC on your blog

Ask your school librarian to order HFC

Set up a Skype visit so Jess can virtually come to your classroom

Tweet about HFC on its release date

Update your Facebook status to let people know of HFC's release

Make a YouTube video for or about HFC

Instagram your copy of HFC

Get creative!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Goodbye for now!

 (Reposted from my blog)

I wanted to let you all know that starting today, I will not be blogging or writing until November 1st.

It's doctor's orders that I give my arm/elbow eight weeks of rest while I try new medications and therapies for it. I've been in a pretty severe amount of pain for years and it's now increased to the point where I cannot type.

I am incredibly grateful to my editors and Simon & Schuster and Bloomsbury who were so very kind about my sudden break from work. They each are working on new schedules for me and have been great about giving me medical leave.

This also means I will not be writing HEATED or SANCTUARY until after November 1st.

I will respond to business emails, but not to Team Canterwood mail during this time. I will still read EVERY one of your emails, though.

I'll be back just in time to celebrate the November 12th release of HOME FOR CHRISTMAS!

I'll also be Tweeting (with my LEFT hand) occasionally and posting photos to my Instagram account. (jessashley87). But staying off the computer is important to healing--my writing career depends on my hands!

If any major news occurs, I'm sure I can talk Kate into posting it here for me. :)

In the mean time, I'm going to be reading tons and tons (yaaaay!), loving my kitties, spending time with Kate, going to California to visit with my Cali Barn Mafia, and working on my other hobby--photography.

Much love to you all and see you in November!


Saturday, August 17, 2013

My back to school clothes shopping list

Oh, mon Dieu!

It's almost time to go back to Canterwood! I'm happy AND sad that summer's almost over! How was everyone's break? When do you go back to school?

Becca's taking me back to school shopping tomorrow. Char might come, too, if she's not busy with her friends.

I'm hitting up my favorite stores for some new clothes. I love Kohls, Target, and Forever 21. They have tres chic clothes at killer prices.

Here's what I've got on my list:


LOVE these in purple!

I want a few pairs of color denim, a couple of skinnies, and a few dark wash flared.

Moto jacket

Isn't this gorge?! It's in "Cameo Rose" and it's faux-leather by Candies from Kohls.

Ballet flats

 Totally crazy over these blue Hush Puppies Capri ballet flats! Metallic is SO in for fall!

School appropriate tops

These tops are tres parfait for class!

Stable tees

I love these tees because they're super casual. And who doesn't love a graphic tee?!

Fall sweaters

 Heart all of these!


 I'm really into lace and polka dots this year. These skirts are so delicate and pretty. Perf for school or a date! :)


I heart these dresses sooo much! They have bold colors for fall or lovely lace patterns.

What's on your back to school shopping list? All of these clothes were from Kohls, BTW.

Share what you're looking for! :)



Saturday, July 20, 2013

Stormy day

It's so rainy today! I LOVE it! I'm curled up on my window seat watching the storm and it gives me this sense of calm. :) Not that I wouldn't prefer to be riding Whisper at Briar Creek right now, but she needed a day off anyway.

We've been working really, really hard every day with only the weekends off. Kim has been teaching Brielle, Ana, and me in a separate class which is the coolest thing ever. In return, we agreed to help her run Briar Creek's summer riding camp next week. It's a week long camp for kids who have little or no experience with horses. Kim said we're going to teach the basics about riding, play lots of games on horseback, and then take a trail ride at the end of the week. I'm really excited to be one of the camp leaders! Brielle and Ana are psyched too. The trail ride is going to be so much fun--we're going to take the kids down this easy trail that B, A, and I already mapped out. It winds through the woods and ends at the lake at the farthest edge of Kim's property. We're planning to eat packed lunches by the lake and go swimming!

I really want to see if Whisper will wade into the water. I MIGHT end up getting dunked head first, LOL, but it's worth a try. :) Zane's a total water horse. He *loves* swimming and Brielle can ride him into the middle of the lake. She let me try it with him last summer because the stable horse I rode that day was terrified of water.

Any of you guys ever go swimming with your horses? What about horse camp?

Tell me what you're up to!



Friday, June 28, 2013

Yay, summer!

Just a tres quick side note: the video below will be up and running again very soon! :)

So, how are all of you guys? Is everyone out of school by now?

Canterwood is out for the summer and I'm a mix of emotions: sad because I'm missing my friends and room, excited because I get to ride Whisper non-stop at Briar Creek, happy to be home with Becca and Char . . . etc, etc!

School let out last Friday and it has been soooo nice to sleep in! Well, until 7:30. Grrr. My body is still used to waking up early for class. Anyone else have that problem? The other morning, I actually jolted awake and it was still dark out. I was like, OH MON DIEU! I'm gonna be late to class!

Then I was like, Ohhhhh...I'm home. LOL.

What a dork!

Oh! Kim's already got something for Brielle, Ana, and me to look forward to/work toward! We can sign up for a local summer show next week. The show is in 3 weeks and I really want to enroll in classes that will push Whisper and me. I've got a lot of thinking to do.

Okay! Yawning and need to sleep. Love you all and I'd love to hear your thoughts about what I should do about the show. Should I really push myself or make it a laid back show with easier classes?



Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Canterwood Crest FAMOUS girl: Lexi Carson

REPOSTED FROM JESS'S BLOG: :) The Cali Barn Mafia created this gorgeous and amazing video to spotlight FAMOUS. Endless thank yous and hugs to Lexi Carson, Grace Carson, Contero (our star horse!), Heatherly Davis for the riding coaching, and Edelweiss Farms for hosting the shoot. I am absolutely in love with this video and thank you, Lex, for being a FAMOUS girl. Team Canterwood all the way!

Finally FAMOUS

Ooooh, la, la!

FAMOUS is out today!

You've gotta grab it and catch up on my latest adventures. There's so much that I can't wait for you to read then we can FINALLY talk more!



Monday, June 3, 2013

Oooh, la, la! FAMOUS chapter one!

AHHHH!! Tres exciting!! Jess posted the first chapter of FAMOUS on her blog! I reposted it below. EEEK! Soooo hope you like it!



From Jess:

Hi, all!

Here's an exclusive first look at FAMOUS! I'm sharing chapter one tonight. YAY! But . . . I don't think *one* chapter is enough. Do you? If you want me to post chapter two this week, let me know in the comments section! :)




Everyone—Mom, Dad, Becca, and Brielle—grinned at me. They all stared at me, waiting for my reaction to Brielle’s sudden proclamation. But I stood frozen in the Canterwood Crest parking lot. Brielle’s words from seconds earlier rang through my head: Now your bestie from home is here!

Brielle didn’t live in Union anymore.

She wasn’t a student at Yates.

She didn’t take riding lessons at Briar Creek.

As of today, Brielle Monaco was an official Canterwood Crest Academy student.

Blond Brielle, who’d just released me from a hug, put both hands on my upper arms and gently shook me.

“Laaaureeen? Hello?! Omigod, are you speechless or what?!” Brielle asked.

I nodded, furiously trying to form words. “I—oh my God—Bri—” I stopped and took a deep breath. Everything was finally starting to sink in. “Brielle Monaco, you go here now! This is the biggest surprise ever!”

Brielle laughed. “I can’t believe I pulled it off. There’s no way I would have without your parents and Becca.”

“So many things make sense now,” I said. “I couldn’t figure out how you’d really gotten on campus for a family-only weekend. Or why you seemed so off at times. I can’t believe two of my Union friends are here now.”

Brielle frowned a little at my last sentence. I remembered her earlier fight with Taylor, my ex-boyfriend who was also from Union, and felt bad for bringing him up.

“We’ve got a lot to talk about,” I said, slinging my arm over Bri’s shoulder. I wiggled my fingers into my fleece jacket—the late November air was cold, and I wondered if we’d see snow at the Connecticut boarding school soon.

“We’re going to leave you girls to catch up,” Mom said from the passenger seat in our SUV.

“Have fun, you two!” Becca, my older sister, called from the backseat.

Dad waved, backed up the SUV, and guided the vehicle out of the parking lot and down Canterwood’s driveway.

I hugged Bri, laughing. I tugged on her coat and pulled her in the direction of the dorms.

“Let’s go inside before we freeze, and you are going to tell me everything,” I said.

“Lead the way,” Bri said.

Giggling, we made our way through the mass of students and parents who were headed for the parking lot and walked back to Hawthorne—my dorm hall.

“Take it all in,” I said, breathing deeply. “Looking at this campus never gets any less exciting.”

Bri’s eyes were wide as she nodded. “I had a feeling that was true. Even though I was here all day, I don’t really think I saw the campus for what it is.”

We went up a winding sidewalk away from the stable. As we walked, we passed a pasture with turned-out horses. Two horses, blanketed, lay down next to each other.

“Aw, nap time,” I said, smiling.

Bri asked me to point out buildings to her—even ones I’d told her about this morning when I’d given her the tour with my family.

“Of course,” I said. “It would be insane to think you’d remember where everything is after an afternoon. It took me days of getting turned around to finally be able to stop sending SOS texts to Khloe that I was lost.”

We passed the media center, administration, tennis courts, and finally reached Hawthorne Hall. The three-story building was home to dozens of seventh-grade girls. Bri’s eyes were wide as she stared up at the building. I could tell the realization was hitting her that this was her home now.

“As if this dorm isn’t awesome enough, it also happens to be adjacent to Orchard Hall,” I said. Goose bumps ran up and down my arms, but they weren’t from the cold.

“What’s the big deal about Orchard?” Bri asked.

“Sasha Silver lives there.”

Bri’s mouth formed an O.

Inside my dorm hall, I shook off shivers and stopped when we reached Christina’s door.

“This is Christina’s office,” I explained. “She’s our dorm monitor. Looks like she’s gone right now, but I know you’ll like Christina once you get to meet her.”

“She sent me a few welcome e-mails,” Brielle said. “It’s so weird to be living without my parents. That part hasn’t hit me yet.”

“Oh, it will,” I said as we made our way down Hawthorne’s hall. “You’ll miss them a lot, but being on your own is pretty cool. Except the stuff like laundry!”

Brielle and I walked into the common room, kicked off our shoes, and plunked down on the couch, facing each other.

“I almost texted all my friends, but I want some alone time with you first,” I said. “Then we’ll tell Khloe, and Clare, and everyone.”

Brielle’s brown eyes were wide. “Hopefully, they’ll be as happy as you are that I’m staying.”

“Of course they will be,” I said. “They barely had five seconds with you, but I could tell they loved you.”

Today had been the definition of insanity. Parents who had decided to go out on their own had wandered around with lost looks on their faces. Some had reminded me of what my mom and dad had taught me to do when I was little. The parents had sat on a bench, not moving, just waiting for their kid to find them. It was like I’d been taught—stay where you are and Mom and Dad will find you.

I’d barely seen any of my friends today, and we’d all had a lot less time together than we’d planned. It seemed like parents took over as priority, and everyone had a different way of handling their family.

I stood, unzipped my coat, and tossed it onto a nearby recliner. I was happy that the common room was empty. Brielle and I could openly talk in private.

“Before we start talking,” I said, “want a cup of tea?”

“There’s my LT!” Brielle said. “I’d love a cup of whatever you’re having.”

With a smile, I made us both one of my fall favorites—apple spice.

“Okay,” I said. I pulled an orange throw blanket over my legs and raised my mug to my lips. “Start at the beginning and tell me everything.”

First Aladdin M!X edition June 2013

Copyright © 2013 by Jessica Burkhart

All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Um, wanna attend a FAMOUS party LIVE with Jess?!

Hey, guys!!

It's LT and I'm reposting a VERY important post from Jess' blog. This TOTES has to happen!

Ugh, Mom's calling me for dinner! (But YAY because we're having Indian tonight!)

I'll blog soon!



From Jess: 

So . . . would ANY of you guys be interested in attending a live virtual party with me?

Like, I'll be LIVE on camera from my computer and *all* of you, Team Canterwood, can watch and type questions to me that I'll read and answer in real time!

Here's how it would work:

1. You can find me here. I'll have set up a note that says what day and time the party is.

2. BEFORE the live party, you have to sign up for a free account. (The don't spam, or use your real name--you can use a screenname for privacy.) You have to give a real email address, though, to confirm your account. Again, it's 100% FREE. Promise!

This is what the sign up page looks like. See the "your email account" button? That's what you want to click. :) Or, "Join with Facebook" if you like.

3. On the day and time of the party, login and click on my channel. (The link in #1. You'll see me on camera (I can't see you), but you'll see a chat window where you can start asking me questions. Those will be visible for everyone to see.

I'll be able to read the comments or questions from you and will answer as many ask I can! The party would last an hour and you can join in and leave whenever you like.

If this sounds like supersparkly fun (it does to me!) then I need Team Canterwood out in full force for FAMOUS.

If FAMOUS sells more copies in the first 7 days of its release (including any pre-orders and then from June 11-June 18) then we'll have a party!

I'll have to get the numbers of copies sold the first week from my publisher, so if the party does happen (I know you guys can do it!) it'll likely be the week after the 4th of July so that everyone's home from vacay.

I really want to party with Team Canterwood! So, fingers crossed, and I hope we make FAMOUS, well, famous. ;) If you have questions or want to trade tips on getting the word out about FAMOUS with other TC members, feel free to use the comments area to do so.

If you want to go ahead and set up your free account for my channel, please go ahead. I will definitely be doing live shows in the future.

Much love!


Friday, May 10, 2013

Fashion emergency!

Yaaay Friday!

Khloe's making fun of me because I told her that I was prob going to be snoring by 8 tonight because I'm tres tired. :p I DO feel very old, lol. This week was a killer. So. Much. Homework.

But . . . Drew's taking me to a movie at the media center tomorrow night! *perks up* Just thinking about it makes me feel like I have downed 3 cups of  white tea!

I'm trying to choose my outfit and I'm down to 2 options. Opinions, please?

#1: A baby blue peplum top with delicate white lace along the bottom. I'd dress down the top with dark blue skinny jeans and black ballet flats.

#2: A vintage-y Lucky brand v-neck T-shirt with that's black with a rose in the center and petals falling toward the hem. I could pair it with either a jean skirt or skinny jeans and the same black ballet flats.

What do you guys think Drew will like more? Or do both of those outfits scream "Call the fashion police?!"

Aide moi! (KK would remind me to translate! I said "help me!")



Wednesday, May 8, 2013

This just in . . .

My roommate, Khloe Kinsella, is officially insane! And by insane, I mean so crazy-dedicated to acting that she's going to win an Oscar one day. How do I know? I can hear her running lines for her new demo reel through the closed bathroom door and over running shower water.



No, being tres serious, KK is admirably dedicated to acting. Her drama advisor told her that it was time to film a new reel and asked Khloe to think about pieces that she could do to showcase her "range."

Something serious.

Something comedic.

Something honest and real.

Poor Khlo has been stressing for days trying to make the parfait list of monologues. She's been online searching for demo reels that successful actors used to give her inspiration. I wanted to help so I pulled a Type-A Lauren and got her a gold, glittery notebook so she can take notes. I also offered to help her practice monologues. Khloe said she has to memorize the pieces, but she doesn't want to run them TOO often because she's afraid they'll sound dull and over rehearsed.

I understand that.

There's a fine line in dressage between learning a test for an upcoming show and practicing so much that Whisper gets bored and our routine is flat.

Speaking of dressage . . . I've got a one on one (!) session with Mr. Conner instead of my regular lesson. Mr. Conner is taking turns with my class and giving each of us a private lesson. Cole had his yesterday and he was the first one to go. I should log off and get some sleep to prep! Mr. Conner will be mad if I show up with dark circles under my eyes. Eeep!




Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy spring!

Oh, mon Dieu! 

I can't believe it's spring! There has been SO much happening--you guys won't believe it!! (I just yelled over my shoulder at KK to turn up Watch! because her fave show is on.) Khlo's been keeping the volume down because I've been studying for HOURS. Taking a quick break to blog.

So . . . Drew and I went on a date last night! :) :) He took me to the pizza place on campus. It was perfect because the weather just started to feel like spring and I was in the mood for pizza and lemonade. We shared a mushroom and pepperoni pizza. We talked about Drew's swim team practices, my riding lessons, and how we both couldn't believe it was April. We're graduating soon! Bye, seventh grade! Hello, eighth grade in the fall!

Drew and Taylor are still swim team co-captains and there was a little bit of an incident at practice yesterday. The coach told Drew and Taylor to decide together on drills for the team. They both came up with different plans and Drew found a legitimate weak spot in Taylor's plan, which he pointed out privately. He didn't want to embarrass Taylor in front of the team or the coach. Taylor totally balked and said his plan was fine and he wanted to use his exercises and not Drew's.

Drew conceded and the team went through Taylor's drills. At the end of practice, the coach called Taylor and Drew up in front of the team and asked whose idea it was for the drills. Tay said his. The coach then pointed out, in front of EVERYONE (cringe), the exact flaw in the plan that Drew did. Tay was mortified.

He didn't talk to Drew in the locker room or anything. I'm writing this thinking, "It's not Drew's fault! Why is Tay mad at Drew?!"


These guys can be so complicated sometimes.

Moving on . . .

Riding is going well! Whisper is shedding her teddy bear coat and leaving me covered in hair every day. We're working really hard on our jumping and I'm getting more confident every day. In just a few short months, it'll be ONE year since I've had her. I can't believe it. :)

Mr. Conner mentioned to our class that we'll be riding in a spring show at one of the local schools in a couple of weeks. I'm still deciding on what classes to take. Any ideas? LOL

Have to sign off, but did want to say that I promise to update more! Leave me a comment about what you're up to!

I missed you guys!