Wednesday, May 8, 2013

This just in . . .

My roommate, Khloe Kinsella, is officially insane! And by insane, I mean so crazy-dedicated to acting that she's going to win an Oscar one day. How do I know? I can hear her running lines for her new demo reel through the closed bathroom door and over running shower water.



No, being tres serious, KK is admirably dedicated to acting. Her drama advisor told her that it was time to film a new reel and asked Khloe to think about pieces that she could do to showcase her "range."

Something serious.

Something comedic.

Something honest and real.

Poor Khlo has been stressing for days trying to make the parfait list of monologues. She's been online searching for demo reels that successful actors used to give her inspiration. I wanted to help so I pulled a Type-A Lauren and got her a gold, glittery notebook so she can take notes. I also offered to help her practice monologues. Khloe said she has to memorize the pieces, but she doesn't want to run them TOO often because she's afraid they'll sound dull and over rehearsed.

I understand that.

There's a fine line in dressage between learning a test for an upcoming show and practicing so much that Whisper gets bored and our routine is flat.

Speaking of dressage . . . I've got a one on one (!) session with Mr. Conner instead of my regular lesson. Mr. Conner is taking turns with my class and giving each of us a private lesson. Cole had his yesterday and he was the first one to go. I should log off and get some sleep to prep! Mr. Conner will be mad if I show up with dark circles under my eyes. Eeep!





  1. NorthernCascadeMay 8, 2013 at 7:50 AM

    Good morning my lovely Lauren!

    What is this?! Am I the first to comment!?!

    Well being an actress as well I know the feeling, trust me. Tell KK that she'll be fine and to make sure theres some Spa time right before hand!

    And in dressage - I know the feeling. I'm seriously beginning to think that Hooch has memorized it himself. The test seemed so hard at first but now its starting to seem boring -_-

    Good luck with the one on one! Nice to see you blogging more often!

    I have a show on the 18th (dressage) and Im excited! Hopefully it doesn't rain again today so I can ride :( No indoor at my barn...grrr....

    - NC

  2. Yay Lauren, you're blogging more often! Aww, poor Khlo. Tell her to get some rest and not over-stress herself!Wow that glittery gold notebook sounds really cute!
    Good luck in the one on one with Mr. Connor! You'll do great - like you always do! Check my Khloe Kinsella blog, if any of you have the time!

  3. Of course you pulled a type A Lauren :) Sparkles help in any situation! And yeah, totally get the whole over-practicing thing. Forrest my horse, he hates doing dressage routines over and over, but when it comes to jumping, I always like to change it up! In tennis though, which I do, you can't really over practice to a big extent. And yay someone's blogging more often!
    Say good luck to Khlo for me!

  4. Hi... Could u give me advice, I kind of have a enemy who ask me about my friend and I said she was pertending to be her friend then my bff found out and left with tears. What should I do?

    1. I'm not really sure if you're saying that the girl who asked you was pretending to be your BFF's friend, or your BFF was pretending to be your enemy's, I'm putting both, just in case!
      Situation 1: If you think your BFF will understand, try to talk to her about it. Explain that you don't trust that girl to be loyal to your friend.
      Situation 2: This could have really hurt your friend, but once again, try and explain. Your friend might not know that you don't like this other girl, and your friend might actually like her. You may have never mentioned that you didn't like her, so your BFF is probably really confused.
      I really hope that helped a bit! Feel free to ask me more. I'm always here for fellow Canterwooders :)

    2. Hey. Sounds like a serious problem, I've been in that position before, when your friend tries to be nice and the other person thinks that they are their friends until you kind of tell them no.
      So, there are multiple reasons your BFF is upset. It could be because she was ACTUALLY friends with that person, or that the person was mean to her and everything just fell apart.
      With either scenario, you definitely need to go back and apologize. As much as I know you were trying to help, you just told the person something your BFF should have decided to tell or not to tell, and it was her choice. She's probably hurt that you just blurted something like that out- her trust for you is probably on edge now.
      After apologizing, you need to go back to the other person you told that to and apologize as well, even if they both turn you the could shoulder. If they do, just try to gradually ease your way back in with your BFF by texting, calling, and if all else fails, surprise her with a special treat and surprise her. When I mess up, I normally write a poem for my friends or drag them to a frozen yogurt place.It shows them that I'm sorry and I care. It will take a week or two, maybe even longer, but eventually you'll go back to normal. Remember this:
      Trust is like a piece of paper, once crumbled can never go back again.
      Think on it. Try to do what I told you. But don't let this whole situation bring you down- if your BFF does give you the cold shoulder, than find some other friends to hang out with until then. It could just take an 'I'm Sorry' or a poem, or a frozen yogurt, but hopefully eventually you'll work this out!

  5. I think Nora and Laurel already covered my thoughts on the post, bit I wanted to say- Jess, I heart the new picture of you! You're so pretty :)

  6. Aw, CRocks- your compliment is so kind! Hearts! Xoxo

    1. OHMYGOD *screams* Sorry. Fangirling really hard right now. Hearts to you too!

    2. Hey Jess. I wanted to know when book 18 famous comes out.

      P.S You're books r so awesome I started at the middle of April and I've read all them. ( except for Chosen which I started). Keep up the good work with Canterwood.