Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy spring!

Oh, mon Dieu! 

I can't believe it's spring! There has been SO much happening--you guys won't believe it!! (I just yelled over my shoulder at KK to turn up Watch! because her fave show is on.) Khlo's been keeping the volume down because I've been studying for HOURS. Taking a quick break to blog.

So . . . Drew and I went on a date last night! :) :) He took me to the pizza place on campus. It was perfect because the weather just started to feel like spring and I was in the mood for pizza and lemonade. We shared a mushroom and pepperoni pizza. We talked about Drew's swim team practices, my riding lessons, and how we both couldn't believe it was April. We're graduating soon! Bye, seventh grade! Hello, eighth grade in the fall!

Drew and Taylor are still swim team co-captains and there was a little bit of an incident at practice yesterday. The coach told Drew and Taylor to decide together on drills for the team. They both came up with different plans and Drew found a legitimate weak spot in Taylor's plan, which he pointed out privately. He didn't want to embarrass Taylor in front of the team or the coach. Taylor totally balked and said his plan was fine and he wanted to use his exercises and not Drew's.

Drew conceded and the team went through Taylor's drills. At the end of practice, the coach called Taylor and Drew up in front of the team and asked whose idea it was for the drills. Tay said his. The coach then pointed out, in front of EVERYONE (cringe), the exact flaw in the plan that Drew did. Tay was mortified.

He didn't talk to Drew in the locker room or anything. I'm writing this thinking, "It's not Drew's fault! Why is Tay mad at Drew?!"


These guys can be so complicated sometimes.

Moving on . . .

Riding is going well! Whisper is shedding her teddy bear coat and leaving me covered in hair every day. We're working really hard on our jumping and I'm getting more confident every day. In just a few short months, it'll be ONE year since I've had her. I can't believe it. :)

Mr. Conner mentioned to our class that we'll be riding in a spring show at one of the local schools in a couple of weeks. I'm still deciding on what classes to take. Any ideas? LOL

Have to sign off, but did want to say that I promise to update more! Leave me a comment about what you're up to!

I missed you guys!




  1. YES YOU FINALLY BLOGGED! AND I AM VERY HONORED TO BE THE FIRST TO COMMENT! AFTER ALL OF THIS WAITING, YOU BLOGGED! IT WAS WORTH IT! PLEASE TRY NOT TO LEAVE US THAT LONG AGAIN!!!!! And I'm going to do homework. :( Those are my plans. For a FRIDAY night. Sad, eh? But I'm also planning to blog! So that will be the bright side of my day.

  2. YES YES YES. YOU FINALLY BLOGGED! OK, LT, if you disappear that long again, I am seriously going to like, freak! OMG sounds kinda brutal for you and Drew... I have to go, lock in!

  3. YAY A NEW BLOG! Poor Drew and Tay :/ You should def. take Dressage for the show and MAYBE Cross country if your up for it ;)

  4. OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!! You posted! Ahhhhhhh!

    the Drew and Tay incident must be frustrating, poor Taylor! Drew was such a good guy to not point the flaw out in front of everyone. Hope this doesn't cause major issues between them.

    I think for the show you should do show jumping, cross country, or dressage. Doing jumping would really improve your showing confidence, it would finally help you move on from your fear of jumping, especially in shows. It would really help you move on from Red Oaks.

    You BETTER blog again soon! LOL. :D


  5. Hey Lauren,

    I love reading your blog and learning about what's happening at Canterwood! I have a HUGE horseback riding test tomorrow and reading your blog gives me the courage to try as hard as I can! Please blog again soon!



  6. Lauren you finally blogged! I wish it was spring where I live (Saskatchewan, Canada) ha it's still under zero and it snows on top of our snow. :( That Drew/Taylor situation sucks. I suggest dressage for sure. I also suggest show jumping. Anyways have fun.

    <3 Em

    1. I know how the cold feels i'm in Ontario and it's not the nicest here either! Hope it warms up in Saskatchewan!!!!!!!


  7. Well it's about time missy!

    Thank goodness you're back though! Well it's good to hear about Whisper, but not-so-good to hear about Drew and Taylor :/ Those boys need an LT intervention and FAST.

    And I have some exciting news as well!


    I'm leasing again!!! :D :D :D I'm sooo happy to be back in the saddle. I'm leasing a OTTB named Hooch, a total sweetheart and an amazing dressage horse! He sadly can't jump because of an old injury, but he is such an honest and free-moving horse!! I love him so much!

    And I know the feeling of shedding season -_- At least Whisper's a gray, I'm stuck with a bay!!! Haha.

    Oh and def. go for Dressage and some Show Jumping. I'm a hunter-jumper myself, so I'm biased lol but have you ever done hunters? LOTS of fun :)

    Well, gotta go! Update soon LT!! xoxox

    - NorthernCascade and Hooch!

  8. She posted! Finally! And I got a blogger, altough my nearing-3,000-views-blogs are on WordPress (thanks, guys!) And that Drew/Tay stuff must really be hard. Follow your instincts, Laur. Good luck!

  9. I am so glad that you finally blogged again! Please try to update more often, and I'm so glad that your confidence in riding is getting better, I wish mine was! I totally know what you mean about the fuzzy winter coat shedding because my white Arab gelding is shedding everywhere! It gets all over my coats, clothes, saddle pads, brushes, and even my saddle. As for plans for me; well riding of course! School, reading, and writing stories. Well I'm off to bed, school early in the morning!

  10. Hey LT! For the Drew and Tay thing, I suggest you not get into it, and if any guy says something bad about one another, try to defend them while not offending the other guy, too. I know, this can be complicated. I've been in one of these problems before.

  11. Replies
    1. OMG what? You guys, I swear, that's not me! Someone stole my name!! The fake Nora above me, please stop!

  12. I think you should take show jumping. And dressage. I LOVE SPRING!!

  13. I just got back from Fl and SC for vaca and thinking about wanting to go ride Desire, my sorrel (chestnut) Quarter horse, to practice barrel racing for upcoming rodeo!!!