Wednesday, April 18, 2012



No riding lessons today because of scary thunderstorms. The horses were too spooked to ride even in the indoor arena. I stayed for a while, though, and did some homework in Whisper's stall. Poor girl. She paced and jumped when thunder rumbled. People were running all over campus in raincoats and there was a sea of umbrellas. I snagged my tangerine raincoat and matching umbrella before I headed out, so I managed to stay pretty dry.

I L-O-V-E storms. But Whisp? Not so much.

Do any of you like rain or thunderstorms? At home, I always climbed into my bay window with a book and watched the clouds roll in and the lightning illuminate the sky. Becca always teased me that I was going to end up getting fried by a lightning bolt by sitting in the window.

Well . . . she was KIND of right when I was drying my hair during a storm and lightning hit something that stopped my hair dryer.

And, erm, caused sparks.


Eeek. It's black outside!! *shivers* I've got my laptop plugged into a surge protector, but it's REALLY storming out. Better shut it down and unplug everything.

Talk soon!