Saturday, June 30, 2012


Happy Saturday!

I took the day off from riding and decided to hit Briar Creek tomorrow. Whisper could prob use a break, anyway, because I've been going almost every day. Dad's been awesome about driving me. I wanted to do him a favor for taking me to BC every day, so I found him a coffee mug online that says CAREFUL OR YOU'LL END UP IN MY NOVEL.

LOL. It's perfect for him.

Briar Creek's been a little . . . weird. I'm still settling in and it's so different having Kim as my instructor again. Plus, there's the Bri thing. But you haven't gotten that far in my story written in the Canterwood books, so I can't say anything yet! :/

While I was shopping for Dad, I got on IM with Khloe and we did some back to school shopping together. We both love this Website, Sock Dreams. It has the BEST socks ever! Not like the boring white ones that I used to wear all of the time. I got some for Becca and Charlotte.

Charlotte comes home at the end of next week. She went straight from college to Italy for a school program. But she'll be back and here for the rest of the summer. Teensy bit nervous about Char being home. Our relationship HAS been better, though, so fingers crossed.

Becs is calling--gotta run! We're going to catch a movie at Union Circle Theater. What're you all doing this weekend?

Talk soon!



Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Joyeaux d'été! (Happy summer!)

Omigosh, hi guys!

I saw all of your comments--you're all the best online friends ever for worrying about me! I'm headed to Briar Creek to ride Whisper, but I'll update you guys later. :)

Ohh!! Must share! I just got this trés chic Canterwood hoodie from the campus store. Did you know you can shop there, too? C'est trés belle! (Pretending KK's here to remind me to translate, LOL. I said "It's very beautiful!") :)