Sunday, March 25, 2012

Almost Monday Madness . . .

Or, that's what KK and I call it, anyway. Monday's at Canterwood are always tres busy.

B-U-S-Y busy.

But . . . I do what I always do on Mondays and focus on what's to come at the end of the day--a riding lesson! I think about Whisper all day during classes. Last Monday, Mr. Davidson called on me to read for English and I didn't hear him! I was going through a dressage test in my head.


He was like, "Lauren."

Me in my head: "And free walk to M."

Mr. Davidson: "Laauren."

Me in my head: "Start a twenty meter circle."

Khloe: *clears her throat and elbows me*

I was SO red when I looked at Mr. Davidson. I was afraid he'd give me extra homework or detention, but he didn't. Whew.

Whisper's not the ONLY thing that's distracting me. There's also, well, Drew. He's just so cute and nice and funny and smart and a good rider and ahhh!!! I could go on for an entire post. :)

Gotta get to sleep. Getting up at six to meet Drew for a run before class. I picked out black yoga pants, my silver and blue Pumas and I'm stuck on what shirt to wear. Better ask Khlo for advice.