Sunday, September 4, 2011

I'm at Canterwood!

It's official . . . I'm a student at Canterwood Crest Academy! I can't even believe I get to type those words. *grins*

I've been here for a full day and while things got off to an, umm, let's say crazy start--I'm getting into the swing on things. Or, trying, anyway. The pace at Canterwood is fast and there's still so much to do before tomorrow. Unlike a lot of other school, we've got class.

I signed up for a bunch of courses and got an elective that sounds superinteresting. It's my DREAM class.

What's everyone taking this year?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back to school shopping

I can't believe I'm leaving Union on Saturday! This Saturday. For Canterwoood. OMD!

I still have a million things to do!! Right now, I'm doing last minute school supply shopping online at Staples. They have a very cool offer--a $15 gift card for $8! Here's the link, in case you want it. The offer expires in seven hours, so hurry. :) I forgot to order notebook paper--hello, a main staple for school.

Anyone else like back to school shopping? I love it. It's fun to get new supplies for the year! Most of my supplies are black, sky blue and silver. I tried to color-coordinate everything. I found awesome stuff at Target, PBT, Office Max and, now, Staples. I might have gone a teensy bit overboard . . . Mom said I didn't need 50 number #2 pencils, but what if they break? Or some get lost? I bet I'll be taking lots of tests at Canterwood, so I feel much better having extra pencils, LOL.

Besides school shopping, I have to bathe Whisper, double check that she has all of her supplies, finish packing and find a way to have one last sleepover with Ana and Brielle. Plus, I want to say 'bye to Tay. Thinking about it makes me kind of sad. Okay, really sad. I know it's a mutual break up, but he was my first boyfriend. I miss him and we still live in the same town. I can't imagine what it'll feel like to live in separate towns. Ahhh . . . can't even go there right now.

Back to shopping! What're you buying for school? I want to know!