Friday, May 10, 2013

Fashion emergency!

Yaaay Friday!

Khloe's making fun of me because I told her that I was prob going to be snoring by 8 tonight because I'm tres tired. :p I DO feel very old, lol. This week was a killer. So. Much. Homework.

But . . . Drew's taking me to a movie at the media center tomorrow night! *perks up* Just thinking about it makes me feel like I have downed 3 cups of  white tea!

I'm trying to choose my outfit and I'm down to 2 options. Opinions, please?

#1: A baby blue peplum top with delicate white lace along the bottom. I'd dress down the top with dark blue skinny jeans and black ballet flats.

#2: A vintage-y Lucky brand v-neck T-shirt with that's black with a rose in the center and petals falling toward the hem. I could pair it with either a jean skirt or skinny jeans and the same black ballet flats.

What do you guys think Drew will like more? Or do both of those outfits scream "Call the fashion police?!"

Aide moi! (KK would remind me to translate! I said "help me!")



Wednesday, May 8, 2013

This just in . . .

My roommate, Khloe Kinsella, is officially insane! And by insane, I mean so crazy-dedicated to acting that she's going to win an Oscar one day. How do I know? I can hear her running lines for her new demo reel through the closed bathroom door and over running shower water.



No, being tres serious, KK is admirably dedicated to acting. Her drama advisor told her that it was time to film a new reel and asked Khloe to think about pieces that she could do to showcase her "range."

Something serious.

Something comedic.

Something honest and real.

Poor Khlo has been stressing for days trying to make the parfait list of monologues. She's been online searching for demo reels that successful actors used to give her inspiration. I wanted to help so I pulled a Type-A Lauren and got her a gold, glittery notebook so she can take notes. I also offered to help her practice monologues. Khloe said she has to memorize the pieces, but she doesn't want to run them TOO often because she's afraid they'll sound dull and over rehearsed.

I understand that.

There's a fine line in dressage between learning a test for an upcoming show and practicing so much that Whisper gets bored and our routine is flat.

Speaking of dressage . . . I've got a one on one (!) session with Mr. Conner instead of my regular lesson. Mr. Conner is taking turns with my class and giving each of us a private lesson. Cole had his yesterday and he was the first one to go. I should log off and get some sleep to prep! Mr. Conner will be mad if I show up with dark circles under my eyes. Eeep!