Thursday, October 31, 2013

It's my birthday!

Posting pics on my Instagram! Mobile blogging this to say thank you for all of the bday wishes! MWAH!



Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My birthday is next week!

Khlo has been hiding my boxes of green and white tea lately, lol. She claims I am "extra hyper super crazy caffeinated"-a high only brought on when somone's birthday is so close. 

Like next Thursday close! Eeep!

I asked my parents for a new winter turnout blanket for Whisper. (the one above) It's a mid weight blanket from Dover. J'adore the light blue stripes! 

I asked Becca for this Zocks helmet cover. It. Is. So. Cute. 

Mr. Conner gave us the okay to wear any design covers we want for practice at school. It's so fun not to be stuck with a black or white helmet. Do any of you guys have fun helmet covers? 

Khloe, Clare, Lexa, Carina, Cole, Drew, Zack and I are meeting up tomorrow at The Sweet Shoppe to spill our Halloween costumes! I can't wait to hear what every else is going to be. Instead of 'fessing to each other, my friends and I are even keeping our costumes a secret until tomorrow. 

Something new this year--Headmistress Drake is allowing us to attend Thursday classes in costume! 

What are you guys going as? Anyone trick or treating or going to a Halloween party? 



Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Party, party, party!

I'm reposting this from Jess' blog! :)

So, I want to have amazing online Home for Christmas/goodbye to Canterwood Crest parties.

For everyone (international too!)

First, we party via LiveStream like we did for the Famous release. You create a free account, get online at a set time and you'll have access to a chat box and to me via Webcam. You'll be able to type questions/comments to me that everyone can see. I'll answer them via my Webcam. I'll be online for one hour and you can pop in whenever you like to lurk or ask a question.

Everyone and anyone in the world can participate. LiveStream will allow as many people who want to join in. It's anonymous because you can use a screen name. You get to "see" me via Webcam.

If you can't make it to the actual live event, it will be recorded for you to view later. 


Party #2 is one that I've never done and is the ULTIMATE VIP party! I mean, Home for Christmas is a super special, so we need a super special party, right?

We will use Google+ Hangout. This is also totally free (you do have to sign up for a Google+ account to video chat). NINE winners (I will have a contest soon!) will join me live online where we will all (me plus the other chosen 9 members of Team Canterwood) can video chat with each other. OMG! Team Canterwood members from across the country will get to meet! That is soooo awesome!

If you don't win the contest, you can still watch the party--you just will not be able to message me or the other Team Canterwood members who are on video chat.

This contest is only be open to US and Canada residents because other countries will be charged to video chat. However, if you are just watching the party--you can live anywhere. 

You can view the party from your iPhone, iPad or other smartphone if you can't be on a computer.

If you are one of the 9 people who get to video party, you're more than welcome to grab any friends that want to attend and share your Webcam with them. :)

If you're not able to make it to the party, it will be recorded and will go up on YouTube for you to watch at any time.

Below, is a random Google video chat that I just started watching a few minutes ago (no Google+ account needed to watch). I took a screen shot so you can see how it would look for all of us via video chat. Isn't it cool?!

So . . . if being part of the video chat party interests you, please do some reading about how it works, what you need to do to participate, etc.

The poll for the two party dates will close on October 30. Then, the dates will be announced. I will blog or vlog very soon about how you can participate in a contest to be on the video chat.

Soo excited! What do you guys think? 

Halloween is almost here!!

Hi, everyone!

Sooo sorry that I've been MIA. I fell off Whisper a few weeks ago during jumping practice and hurt my right arm. Nothing serious but my doctor wants me to stay off the computer until 11/1 because typing strains the tendon that I injured.

Boo. I know.

But I sneaked online just because I miss you guys SO MUCH and had to say hi!

Plus, oh mon Dieu, it's almost Halloween! That means . . . my birthday!

I haven't started party planning yet, but I know Khloe, Lex, Carina, and Clare having been having "secret" (haha--I know you guys!) meetings about my birthday. :D

I have no idea what I want to ask for either. Suggestions?

Okay, better get off before KK catches me. She has been the Computer Police. Um, seriously. She got so into character that she made herself a BADGE. Yes. LOLOL. I love my Khloe!

Tell me how you're doing!