Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Halloween is almost here!!

Hi, everyone!

Sooo sorry that I've been MIA. I fell off Whisper a few weeks ago during jumping practice and hurt my right arm. Nothing serious but my doctor wants me to stay off the computer until 11/1 because typing strains the tendon that I injured.

Boo. I know.

But I sneaked online just because I miss you guys SO MUCH and had to say hi!

Plus, oh mon Dieu, it's almost Halloween! That means . . . my birthday!

I haven't started party planning yet, but I know Khloe, Lex, Carina, and Clare having been having "secret" (haha--I know you guys!) meetings about my birthday. :D

I have no idea what I want to ask for either. Suggestions?

Okay, better get off before KK catches me. She has been the Computer Police. Um, seriously. She got so into character that she made herself a BADGE. Yes. LOLOL. I love my Khloe!

Tell me how you're doing!




  1. OMG hope you're ok LT! I fell off my horse a few weeks ago and might have a cracked's really painful! It makes it so hard to move my arm!! Hope you get better soon!

  2. OMG! Lauren, I got bucked off a couple weeks ago by a green mare and landed on my back, so I feel your pain! Get better soon!

  3. OMG LT I hope you feel better. I feel your pain!! GET WELL SOON!! CAN WAIT FOR COME HOME FOR CHRISTMAS!!!

  4. Hope you get better maybe good could get some new nail polosh or makeup for your b-day!

  5. OMG Lauren! I was bucked of by my green mare Calypso and landed on my left arm. I totally feel your pain
    @Frodo Zavyr green horses, you gotta love them:)

  6. Boo 4 U about the arm! Sorry, I don't know how you feel, I just started riding, and my stable mare, Echo, has been with the stable for as long as any of the other girls can remember

  7. OMG hope you got better quickly!

  8. I know how u feel got bucked of my ex-horse Rango. Maybe for ur bday u could get new riding boots. Tell KK that she should keep up the acting.������. I'm doing great!

  9. I got bucked of my ex-horse Rango. Didn't get hurt just sore. Tell KK to keep up the good acting...