Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hello, September!

Wow, I can't believe September's here already! But I guess I could take a cue from the weather--it's muggy in the morning, we sweat through lessons, and then it's the perfect temperature at night.

There have been some major changes around here. It's so weird with Riley gone. Not that I miss her, but for Clare's sake, it's hard to watch a friend be betrayed. Harder still when I'm gaining a friend-friend in Drew. Someone I hope to be my . . . eeeek . . . boyfriend! *blushes*

I had a great ride yesterday. Mr. Conner rode with us on Luna, a stable horse he borrowed from a member of the advanced team. Whoever was supposed to ride Luna then was sick. Mr. Conner took us out on an amazing cross country course! We jumped logs, splashed through creeks, hopped over small fallen trees, and lots of brush. We did well and Mr. Conner rewarded my class by letting us gallop in the open field.

No better feeling on the planet!! :)

In non-horse related news, it's only the start of September and Becca and Khloe have been back and forth on BBM pre-pre-PRE planning my birthday party. They're freaking out (okay, okay, I am too!) that I'm turning thirteen. I told them to stop (Guys, are you reading this?!) and focus on school and stuff, but they're not listening. They're talking decorations, food, and who knows what else. Khloe's told me that she's going to form a "birthday committee" for me and I was like, "Noooo! Please don't! Seriously!"

But Khloe is, well, Khloe. She was quick to get on board with my idea about gifts though. </:) You'll find out all about that in MASQUERADE!! Hurry up September 11th!