Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy (almost!) New year!

Bonjour, darlings! 

I hope you all had a wonderful Xmas and are looking forward to NYE! I sure am! :)  

KK, Lex, Clare, Carina, Bri, Ana, Drew, Tay, Zach, Garrett, and I (plus Sasha and her friends) had a great time at SHT!! So happy for all the people who went home with new horses at the adopt-a-thon! 

Our last lesson before break was fab. We jumped in the arena and I'm so happy with Whisp's progress. I felt soooo bad for Bri, though! She fell off!  Naughty Zane threw a big buck and off she went. They totally made up for it when she got back on, jumped clean AND had the fastest time of our class. Kisses, Bri!

Before we all left campus, Drew took me to The Slice. :) Lexa lent me a tres hot black keyhole top with golden lining, and it looked great with my dark-wash skinny jeans and ballet flats. KK did my makeup, and I left my hair wavy and down. You like? 

The teachers gave us a TON of homework even though it's break! But I’m so proud to say ‘I'm a Canterwood Crest student and I actually survived!' LOL

What did you all get for Xmas? The main things I got were a $75 gift card to Garnet Hill, new tres, tres adorable snowflake flannel sheets, a pretty CCA sweater, 3 new saddle pads for Whispy-girl, a beautiful new leather halter with light blue stitching, a set of glittery bell boots, and a makeup kit (See my pics below!) Love!!! Everything is tres parfait, and I’m sure Whisper will love it all too. 

Sleek Navy Flannel Sheet

LETTIA Baker Saddle Pad
Soft Padded Leather Halter
No Turn Bell Boots,

I hope you all are having a great day! Let’s all have a good New Year, yet remember the last. AH! I’ve been blabbing forever…..Oops. I’m gonna hop in the shower now! I got a new flavor of Bliss lotion . . . Sugar Cookie with Chamomile. It smells like two of fave teas  (one of which I’m having right now) Celestial Seasonings "Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride" and "Honey Vanilla Chamomile." :)

Anyways, I’m actually going now. KK’s calling.



Thursday, September 25, 2014


It's been MONTHS since you've heard from me, I know! But guess what? I'll be back to regular blogging VERY soon!

I have so many new things to share from my current fashion faves to makeup mishaps. Oh, and there is that one little thing . . . I'm back at Canterwood!

Whisper and I send our love.



Sunday, January 5, 2014

My EBT guide available now!

Yaaay! My guide of EBTs is ready for you guys to download! I hope you like it! *nervous*




This 25 plus EBT guide filled with 15 photos (mine) is available for download RIGHT NOW!


This is the first in a series of beauty e-books.

Grab it now for $.99! The next book will be all about at home spa treatments. :)

I’m back to work on WILD HEARTS now, but HEATED should be ready by March at the latest. So, yaaay!

I really, really hope you like this guide! I put tons of time and effort into it. Thank you to Bri Ahearn for helping me with the cover concept and for proof reading.

Hoping this ebook will do well enough that I can make a second one! Also hoping it will help fund my mental health/writer retreat.

My EBT guide is out!! I h