Friday, April 3, 2015


Today was amaaazing!! *<|:-) Woke up happy, writing this happy. The whole day was just great :) :) :) :) It was super super warm and sunny all day. This morning, KK played a new album that she downloaded from this hot new band-21Captains. 

Classes seemed easier today, and homework seemed lighter! How?!?! I wish every day could be this good. I got a A on 3 of my big recent essays!!! Drew and I went to The Slice for lunch, and even the pizza seemed good. We talked about how CCA seemed so tough and scary with classes, but it was so pretty and serene on campus. And, of course, about our wonderful horses. My lesson was cross country, so I was a bit nervous. But Whisp was PERFECT. She did the scary coffin, and the water complex. Plus, we had the fastest time over the course. Yayayayayayaaaay! Whisper was all cute when I turned her out. She ran around and bobbed her head around. I <3 my horse:). Uploading the vid on FaceSpace later. When I got back, I told Khloe all about our fab ride. Here's a snip bit of our convo:

KK: LT! That's great! Olympics, here you come.
Me: Um, maybe not Olympics right now...
KK: Weren't you paying attention to last week's Pretty in Port Royal?
Me: Um, yeah. I think? What are you talking about?  
KK rolls her eyes.
KK: Linnea did a small modeling gig, just as an amateur, but after that, she moved straight up to, like, professional!
Me: Um, Khlo. I think you are forgetting two, oh, I dunno, minorly important things.
KK crosses her arms and I grin.
Me: 1.) I'm thirteen. 2.) Horseback riding is NOT the same as modeling!
KK: Pshh. Whatevs. Ever was great today, too!
Me: It's just a good day.

    If I told you the rest, you'd fall, yeah. After our talk, we had a mini spa day. First, we put on BiĆ²re blackhead strips on our noses and foreheads. Then, we applied coconut eucalyptus face masks. While those were hardening, we went online shopping (Ooh la la!) on our new fave accessory store, Adore Hunter. Khlo got a totes adorbs wrap ring with a copper Boston Terrier (her fave breed of dog), a sterling silver necklace with a yin yang symbol, a golden tiered necklace with a heart-shaped locket, and a leather bracelet with the word PEACE on a gold plaque.

I got a pair of pink rhinestone horseshoe earrings, a necklace with a silver plate that said Amor on it, a ring with a a heart shaped emerald gem, and a golden ring shaped like a cobra. Can't wait for them to arrive!

Fortunately, we had to take our masks off. If they hadn't needed to come off, we would have shopped forever!! Oops. We took off our masks, and our skin was super super smooth! :) Then we did mani pedis. I bought a mani pedi kit, so it was really fun to do them. We dipped our feet in water with rose petals, and rubbed lotion with oatmeal and maple, and use a matching scrub. Khloe chose a teal called Token to Turks from Essie, and I chose a lavender called Lavender Love from Wet 'n Wild. For our hands, we rubbed lotion and scrub, and then filed, cut, used cuticle cream, then painted. I fell in love with a sea salt caramel called Chewy Cutie from OPI, and Khloe applied a glittery metallic blue called Robotic Rebel from Sally Hansen.

Oh, almost forgot! Drew did great at swim meet, the one I told you guys about last time. I wish I could've gone to cheer him on. Just to see his eyes blend with the color of the water, and to see his smile when he won. He has one of those killer smiles, the ones that make everyone around him smile back. It reaches his eyes, and they get even brighter, if that's possible. And he has adorable dimples that appear whenever he smiles. And his hair falls down and-

Oh mon dieu. I've been blabbing forever. Sorry, guys. And now I'm going to meet with Taylor. I seriously need to get going.