Monday, September 16, 2013

Home for Christmas contest (it's K writing for J) :)

Hi! It's Kate writing for Jess. :) She asked me to do a quick blog post for Team Canterwood.

 The models posing at the photoshoot 

 Alexis and Dayton!

Jess says to tell you all that she's super excited about HOME FOR CHRISTMAS which releases on November 12, 2013. Today, she's launching a contest!

* If the pre-orders and first week sales of HOME FOR CHRISTMAS are better than any other book in the Canterwood Crest series, Jess will gift you all with a holiday treat in early 2014 . . .

a Canterwood Crest e-novella picking up EXACTLY where UNFRIENDLY COMPETITION left off will be written and published online! It will be a Sasha featured, lip gloss packed, drama, and horses filled e-novella that will be able to download for $.99. Jess would set the price at zero, but Amazon doesn't allow authors to self-publish free books anymore.

So, if you want a special, never before read e-novella, start spreading the word about HOME FOR CHRISTMAS! :) The contest starts NOW and ends on November 19th! Let's GO, Team Canterwood!

Ways you can help sales (both e-book and paperback count):

Ask your local bookstores to order Home for Christmas

Post reviews of HFC on Websites such as,, and other bookseller sites.

Review HFC on your blog

Ask your school librarian to order HFC

Set up a Skype visit so Jess can virtually come to your classroom

Tweet about HFC on its release date

Update your Facebook status to let people know of HFC's release

Make a YouTube video for or about HFC

Instagram your copy of HFC

Get creative!


  1. Honestly... I just think that it's getting a bit ridiculous. Like I mean, why all these contests that nobody can join and there arent enough cca fans for this its reasonable for a popular book like divergent but seriously... plus all the ones for the modeling its way to expensive and whos parents are going to let them. i wish jess was still as greatful and humble as she was at the beginning but now the books r getting worse and more drama centered

    1. really?!?! Jess has made alot of superrrrrrrrrrrr good books!!!!! canterwood crest has changed, but it is about 2 things..... drama and horses, two of my fav things!!!! there is alot of cca fans out there..... and who doesnt like more drama?????

    2. BIG FAN OF CC

  2. sorry but I dont get this post arent theis blog posts typed by Lauren?or Is Lauren made up she can't be NO