Saturday, July 20, 2013

Stormy day

It's so rainy today! I LOVE it! I'm curled up on my window seat watching the storm and it gives me this sense of calm. :) Not that I wouldn't prefer to be riding Whisper at Briar Creek right now, but she needed a day off anyway.

We've been working really, really hard every day with only the weekends off. Kim has been teaching Brielle, Ana, and me in a separate class which is the coolest thing ever. In return, we agreed to help her run Briar Creek's summer riding camp next week. It's a week long camp for kids who have little or no experience with horses. Kim said we're going to teach the basics about riding, play lots of games on horseback, and then take a trail ride at the end of the week. I'm really excited to be one of the camp leaders! Brielle and Ana are psyched too. The trail ride is going to be so much fun--we're going to take the kids down this easy trail that B, A, and I already mapped out. It winds through the woods and ends at the lake at the farthest edge of Kim's property. We're planning to eat packed lunches by the lake and go swimming!

I really want to see if Whisper will wade into the water. I MIGHT end up getting dunked head first, LOL, but it's worth a try. :) Zane's a total water horse. He *loves* swimming and Brielle can ride him into the middle of the lake. She let me try it with him last summer because the stable horse I rode that day was terrified of water.

Any of you guys ever go swimming with your horses? What about horse camp?

Tell me what you're up to!




  1. I wish! I've never been trail riding at my stable, no one is allowed to go alone unless they have their own horse, and my instructor is booked full every day with lessons. :(
    On the bright side, I'm thinking about asking my parents for a horse. 99.9% sure they'll say no, but might was well try! :D


  2. Ugh LT, your way too tres parfait!

  3. just a quick question- don't get me wrong, j'adore le francias, mais-
    isn't tres parfait not correct? I mean, if something is perfect, it's can't be VERY perfect, can it? Like, something can't be extra flawless if it's already flawless? Not to be mean, but can you explain, sil vous plait, Lauren? Et merci beaucoup pour ton blog tres amusante- j'adore lire ton blog!

    1. Explique, sil te plaît! Je suis juste un peu confusé. Pardon ma mal francias- j'apprends à parler francais. Alors, est-ce que vous pouves m'expliqué? Parle-vous vraiment francias, ou juste un peu?

    2. Je suis vraiment juste curieux de vos pensées. Je suis une TRES, TRES grande fan de votre blog- c'est très mignon et amusant! Merci beaucoup, Lauren!!
      <3s and Horseshoes,

  4. I hope I get to go riding this summer! Havent been in FOREVER!! I wish I had a horse :( But my Bday is coming up in 11 days!! Yay! Oh, LT, please tell Jess Ashley that I sent her an email a while ago but got no reply :( I got the email that says that she got it about 2 weeks ago. But I understand! :) It rained where I live yesterday!

  5. OMG that sounds totally cool :) I was a counselor at a junior Pony camp I went to when I was a little kid, so that was awesome. I've been obsessing over tennis, riding, and I'm currently going to an engineering camp. So yeah, you could say I'm busy.
    OMG JESS THANK YOU SO MUCH. I was seriously crying over CCA ending but having yet ANOTHER awesome book to look forward to just made my day :)

  6. I want 2 start hose back riding but my sister does so my mom and dad won't let me so sad reading famous for 18 time

  7. Omg its rqining EVERY day where I live! Don't get me wrong I luv the rain but I havnt ridden my horse in forev!

  8. I wish I could ride horses, but I don't know how and I can't get lessons. Ugh. I'll live vicariously through you! :)

  9. Lauren has changed me forever she always makes the best out of everything. She is my role model................and so r u

  10. Hey LT!! Ya weather is bad before school! Plz email me @ thx!!

  11. j'adore the rainy day pics! Wish I could go to Briar Creek horse camp! The one where I live is tres, tres, horribles! 1 day of riding and almost no trees!