Thursday, June 6, 2013

Another FAMOUS chapter! Yay!


The second chapter of FAMOUS is up on Jess's blog!




  1. So happy!!!!! :)!!!

  2. so happy with famous already

  3. You are my star author, Mrs. Jessica Burkhart. Could you make a story about Heather in her point of view? Or one of the other characters in Sasha's life and/or Lauren's? I loooooooooove Canterwood Crest and I love reading the new editions to the collection. You are the best and I'm your number one Georgian fan. I have one more request. My name is Addy and I was kinda wondering if you could make a book with my name in it. It would be really cool that my name would be in a book that is in a series I loooove to read.
    Thank you,
    Addy, your number one georgian fan.