Tuesday, August 9, 2011


(My old park in Brooklyn)

Becca and I had the most day yesterday! Mom took us to Brooklyn and Manhattan as a surprise! Only the most awesome surprise ever! Becca had been missing her friends from our old neighborhood, Park Slope, and Mom woke us up, told us to get dressed and to meet her downstairs.

Over breakfast, Mom told us that she was driving us to BK and then into Manhattan for back-to-school shopping.

Becs almost did back flips. :) She hugged Mom and texted all of her friends.

I'd been missing Brooklyn even though I hadn't left friends behind. I did miss the park and running trails. It was the strangest thing...in the middle of a giant city there was a park with ponds and geese and ducks. Squirrels ran everywhere and in the early morning fog, I sometimes had seen deer.

Mom drove us to Kiersten's house (Becca's BFF) and dropped her off. Mom and I left the car at Kiersten's and took the F train into the city. Mom wanted Becs to have time with her friends, so she decided we'd shop for my clothes first, have lunch and then come back for Becca.

I hit all of my fave stores, picking up a few pieces of clothing in each, until we got to my ultimate fave: Macy's. Mom and I hit Starbuck, grabbing iced teas, and I used the old wooden escalator to go up and down each floor. Finally, I was exhausted and couldn't carry all of the clothes in my arms. Mom and I found a bench and weeded through the pile sorting the clothes into "must haves" and "impulse grabs."

We got lunch from C-4--one of my fave restaurants in Rock Center.

We took a taxi back to Kiersten's, picked up Becca and went back into the city. By the end of the trip, I was soooo tired. I fell asleep on the way home listening to Becca chatter about all of the news her friends had to share.




  1. Awesome!!! I LOVE shopping!!! And walking in parks. Can't wait till the next book comes out!!!

  2. That's so cool that you got to go back to Brooklyn! I love walking in the parks and trails and seing all the animals! I'm a nature girl! Hope you had fun! :)

  3. wow thats sounds like so much fun. I need to do that, just walk into a store and grab everything that i like and then BUY IT ALL!!! lolz, :)

  4. Sounds like fun :) See you at our lesson ltr! Txt me about when you're going shopping for Canterwood next - we need to get those awesome horse posters for your dorm! <3 the pink wall mural of the horse and rider. Also I was thinking maybe I could paint something for your room... maybe a horse or something? I could get Brielle to help too... after all, she is a makeup artist so how different could it be?

  5. So glad we went to NYC! :) :) I <3 NYC! It was so fun seeing my friends again. And so glad you had a good time! :)